Welcome to Lakota Hills. What a joy it is to introduce you to our church!

The vision of Lakota Hills Baptist Church is to create a multigenerational, multiethnic community of believers who serve the Greater Cincinnati area for the glory of Jesus Christ. We live this vision by serving our local schools and their related organizations in providing many free festival environments throughout the year (no donations are accepted). We believe this investment of equipment, food, volunteers, and resources is a tangible way of expressing the love of Jesus to our community.

We live this vision by creating a friendly environment for multiple ethnic groups. Our ministries, such as English as a Second Language (free programming), serve over thirty-five different people groups on a weekly basis. Presently, we have Korean and Hispanic worship communities that meet at our current location. We believe heaven will include people from every ethnic group and our church is to reflect this diversity,

being a little taste of heaven on earth.

We live this vision by launching new churches across the Cincinnati area. We currently have six different church starts throughout the Cincinnati area. We believe the best thing we can do for the fifty-two communities throughout Cincinnati is to launch communities of believers within those areas

to reflect the love of Jesus to that community.

As a church, we strive to teach the Word of God and invest in our community with our time, finances and talents. Whether it is through English as a Second Language classes, providing festivals free of charge for our local schools and surrounding communities, or providing a summer lunch program for under-served children, our desire is to show individuals the love of Jesus by serving West Chester and Greater Cincinnati.

We hope to see you soon!